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Builder Buddies players are increasingly using some Social Media to publish and communicate to other players!! Let's explore!

YouTube World

YouTube is one of the most easy and exciting ways for players to publish, so it's no wonder that it has become the most popular place for Builder Buddies players to communicate. Look for role play adventures, music videos, news, and game play techniques... See the top 5 Builder Buddies YouTubers here!

Faustina Florina - 2500+ Subscribers[]

Faustina is the mayor of Edinburgh in Builder Buddies.

She is the most famous YouTuber among Builder Buddies YouTube (2500+ Subscribers, 450000+ total views).

ParisMayor BB (Amelia Sanchez) - 1000+ Subscribers[]

Amelia is mayor of Paris City in Builder Buddies. Paris City is 1 out of 10 most popular town in top town list (information from geekpocketminecraft website) Lots of players hangs out there, and Paris City is at the very middle of the server. She became famous from doing a mega wool giveaway twice. The first mega wool giveaway she did is was over 5000 wool. That's right! Giving 5000 wool to other people! And the game developer was there too! She is very active player in the game. She usually hangs out in Paris City.

She is the second most famous YouTuber among Builder Buddies YouTube (1000+ Subscribers, 40000 total views). She has the most followers on Instagram (2,000+ followers). And she is very nice. Keep up the good work!

UPDATE: Currently her channel is named XX, all her videos a private, and in her about it says “I’ll be back soon!”

Her Instagram is also down.

New update as of 2022 (may have already changed before 2022): Her channel is now named Builder Buddies, the videos are back, and the about says "We will be back soon!" The community tab has a post from 4 days ago at the moment and it says "Hello everyone! Hope y’all are doing well!"

Her Instagram is back up.

Theresa Macduff - 550+ Subscribers[]

Theresa is Faustina's best friend. She is one of Edinburgh's regulars. She is known famous from "Happy" music video, Run For Your Life Adventure Video, and story time where she is collaborating with Faustina. She make a lots of game play videos,. She is also a very active player in Edinburgh!

She is the third most famous among Builder Buddies YouTubers (550+ subscribers, 15000+ total views). She does not use Instagram. Keep up the great work!!!

ThosGaming9 (Nicey Boy) - 600+ Subscribers[]

Nicey is mayor of Peace Cove. He is known for lots of music videos he did, such as Havana, New Rules, Attention and Perfect. He also worked on the new videos of B.B. Choirs such as Don't stop me now and Hey, Jude. He also make some game play videos such as 10 things you don't know about doors and 10 things you don't know about horses, by help of his friend, Torrapicus Termite. He also make B.B. Natural features video such as Deep Ocean Quicksand and Dry Lake. He doesn't play B.B. much when his school is in session, but when school is out (October, March to middle of May) he plays a lot. He is also a very nice player (which we can tell from his name ^_^)

He is the forth famous among Builder Buddies YouTubers (600+ subscribers, 95000+ total views). He is also former admin here on this wiki.

Kevin North (Torrapicus Termite) - 300+ Subscribers[]

Torrapicus is mayor of Diamond Falls, he is known famous for lots of varieties video on his channel. Such as Xavier's plan for 2018-2019. Hallelujah Music Video. Dumi City Tragedy. Deep Ocean Quicksand. He is also known famous for his Builder Buddies World Map! which has major news updates. The map is also updated frequently. He is a very nice player.

He is the fifth famous among Builder Buddies YouTubers (300+ subscribers, 60000+ total views). He is also a former admin here on this wiki.

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