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    Highways and Roads are a source of transportation of builder buddies.[]

NOTICE: As of May 2021, more and more people among big cities fund to construct roads. Although the game has expanded among walking from town to town. Using this form of transportation is a more fun and experienced way of Travel. With that being said. Please do not take any of this seriously as this is only a sketch using data and coordinates from the game.


Highways are a the major roads when walking. These consist of I-32, I-55, I-1,I-65,I-25 and I-95 as well as Route 200. Much of which connect from major cities.




I-55, Known As the coordinate highway is a fictional highway that stretches across the map from point A to B along the middle lines of the world. Ultimately separating each pieces of the world in half. What's unique about I-55 is how around 80% of it consists of riding among the lines of the X 0 Coordinate. I-55 drives through or passes by nearby towns and cities that consist of Candy Factory, Mythical Foxes, Leafy Kingdom, Checkers Town, Furry Friends, Loveland, Newyork, Paris City, Ghost Town, Travelers Hub, Candy City, Roseley, Aeonian Natsukishi City, Builder Buddies, and Dragon Paradise. Loveland, Furry Friends, Newyork, Paris City, and Ghost Town all consist of the Central Metropolis.

Provinces/ Counties: I-55 South to North

Lowndes, Columbia, Ontario, White Oak, Grady, Thomas, Newyork, France, Springfield, Sequoia, Laurens, Madison, and Alta.