BuilderBuddies Wiki

Walking in Builder Buddies is no longer much of a big thing due to the Search Towns update which happened in March 5 2018 (VER 1.4.0), this update made it easier for players to go to any town they wanted to enter. However this still made certain things like looting deleted towns, finding free space and looking for certain plots that other towns could be closer to no easier.

The entire Builder Buddies map is over 8000 blocks long both ways, from -4096 to 4096 for axis X and Z.

The Y axis goes all the way up to Y: 130, but the highest a player can go is Y: 127. The lowest the Y axis can go is all the way down to Y: -1, but the lowest a player can go is Y: 2.

There are two maps which can help you with any troubles you may have in Builder Buddies which can't be solved with the Search Towns feature that will be shown below (Feel free to save these onto your device to use for Builder Buddies)

BuilderBuddiesWorldMap2 (1)

Map 1:

Map 2:[]

BB Map Apr 2021

Darren's Builder Buddies Map (AUG VER 2)

Map 3:

BB Jan 2024

Map 4:[]