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What are Schools in Builder Buddies? Schools are a popular place for players to hang out or to get a education to learn the basics or learn real- life subjects. Most People may use school as roleplays or a show~Example:http://Paris+Hall:+EP+1~. Maybe people go to Schools just go to Graduations/Sports/activities,etc.[]


Players have choices to join clubs, play sports, or tutoring. Since Parkour is a popular activitiy in the game, it is concidered a sport as wellm Here are some examples,

  • Science Club
  • Math Club
  • Economics Club
  • Band/Orchestra/Chorus
  • Art Club

Technology Club ; Chess Club, ETC

Sports Teams Include Basketball,Football,Soccer,Tennis, Swimming,Competition and Regular Cheer, Track and Parkour {~ More Will be Added Soon~}[]


Here are all the schools and the coordinates of where they are.

Elementary School: Ghost Town Elementary; (x: -14, z:-645)

Middle School: Ghost Town Middle

High School: Ghost Town High School (X:-17, Z: -721)

Ghost Town Daycare: (x:6, z: 739)

Football Stadium:(X:244,Z:-646)

Basketball Arena(x:-66,z