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Shop is a place where player can make changes to their player's skin. Also they can buy clothes (including shoes) with gold. Players can also make changes to their clothes here, also equips some gears such as hats and pets. It is also a place where players can buy blocks. Players can access the shop at their low right corner in the game.

Shop Evolution[]

Date Features Builder Buddies Version
July 2 2015 - March 27 2017 Buy blocks only 1.0.0
March 28 2017 and later Make changes to player's skin and buy clothes 1.2.0
July 20 2017 and later Made change to shop's interface 1.4.5
July 25 2018 and later Hats are now available in shop 1.5.0
October 1 2018 and later Pets are now available in shop 1.6.0
October 25 2018 and later Mounts are now available in shop 1.7.1

Before shop is at lower right corner is used to be on upper right corner.

Very Old Shop

The first picture is the very old interface that only earlier players could remember. This interface is there at the very first Builder Buddies 1.0.0 (Global Launches) Since July 2 2015.This interface allowed players to buy blocks only! This interface will not be changed until March 2017. That's about 2 years!

Old Shop

The second picture is old shop interface which changed on March 28 2017 on Builder Buddies Version 1.2.0 This shop interface allows people to edit their player's skin, and to buy and changes clothes.

New Shop

The last picture is new shop interface which is changed on Builder Buddies Version 1.4.5 On July 20 2018. It was changed because there are more categories to come. Hats and Pets are added later. Mounts are added later.