The "Wilderness" is any area of the Builder Buddies World Space not part of a town. In it you will find a "naturally generated" world of grass, trees, hills, beaches, oceans (lakes), and islands. [this introduction not finished yet]

Reasons to Play in Wilderness Edit


Given that anyone can take blocks you place in the wilderness, and the wilderness itself "resets" every 24 hours, why would one want to play in the wilderness? There are many good reasons.

  • To collect large quantities of blocks for free (sand, logs, leaves, etc.)
  • To make a practice house to learn the game for the first time
  • To find someone else who will help you build something together, just for fun
  • To play competitive games with others such as Parkour (impromptu-built challenge) or Building Contest
  • To get rid of large stacks of blocks collected while excavating or mining, in a fun way
  • To make interesting structures (usually towers) right next to a town to attract more people and interest in the town
  • To practice making structures such as houses, towers, or elevated roads in the fastest time possible
  • To travel from town to town
  • (Most importantly) To have a ton of epic fun!!!!!!!!!! :D

Specifications Edit

(not written yet)

Wilderness Reset Edit

(not written yet)(will get specs from YT videos)